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We've been working stealthily the last year on projects code-named MavenWorks and Jovian, to bring the Maven-y goodness of highly efficient and effective collaborative development of analytical applications to a much wider audience than ever before.

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Analytical Applications

Demanding analytical applications might look like regular dashboard or spreadsheets, but can have needs for data sourcing, live calculations, and workflows which make them difficult to fully build and maintain with traditional spreadsheets, BI environments, or ground-up silos.

Built Quickly and Sanely

We bring the right tools and structure, essentially the free-form scriptability of spreadsheets with the nice tooling and prescriptive structure of BI tools, to overcome the limitations of each and let analytical applications be built and evolved quickly without sacrificing functionality, reuse or maintainability.


By marrying the "low-code" approach of BI tools with the option for custom functionality to be coded and slotted in where appropriate we uniquely enable savvy business users and domain experts to work independently or combine their work in quick cycles with data scientists, data engineers and traditional software developers to get analytical applications just right for users, teams and enterprises.